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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Satanic Voices Variety/Talk Show

Satanic Voices talk show started filming today. Satanic Voices is scheduled to premier at the end of October 2008


Anonytensil said...

Wow. Lucifer must be embarrassed to count you among his followers.

Still no commentors whatsoever on this blog. Keep up the good work!

Redpazuzu: John is a sinking ship... flee why you can. If I were you I'd go and associate myself with a more prominent Tucson Satanist community.

Society of Dracul said...

I wanted to wait until the Black Mass was completed before I responded to Anonytensil

Anonytensil, I don't think you realized how stupid your statement was.

Do you really want to disturb our group?

Anonytensil said...

lol, disturb your "group"

What group. There are like 2 people here. I have nothing against satanism really, I just feel bad for anyone that has to associate with you.

With so many bigger, better non-JohnB satanist groups, why in gods name people would come here is beyond me. Like I said, sinking ship.

Anonytensil said...

Also, lol was that a threat? Are you going to summon all the legions of hell to wreck my shit or something? Good Luck. Do your worst.

Society of Dracul said...

Wow, I must have really lit a fuse on your tampon for you to follow me all over the internet like this.

Satanist do not call down the legions of hell on people. Satan is a metaphor in Satanism.

Like I said: your stupid and nothing but stupid

Society of Dracul said...

Two posts were deleted by ID Justin Credible advertising "satanic gay porn." I am not particularly against these things, but spamming our blog will not be tolerated