Welcome to our community, the Society of Dracul. We are here to let the churches know Satan is in town and he is not going any- where. We are here to provide an outlet or those who have ex- perienced repression and harassment because of their religious preferences. Check out our community calendar link near the Community Links section. Feel free to visit our group and par- ticipate in our black masses.


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 18 Black Mass

Hey everyone,

Our latest black mass was, as usual, fun. Last night we did a more free form style of ritual. I started the ritual with an opening recitation and others added their free expression contributions. Then we did the bread and wine portion. Next we went outside to the fire pit for more free expression contributions. Lastly, we performed a church cursing ritual. I opted not to record last nights ritual because last night all the people that were there all knew each other. This led to a very informal ritual, and a lot of personal chatting during the ritual. The free form style probably contributed to this informal style. I doubt it if anyone wanted their personal lives revealed to the world. Later I will add details about the style of ritual we did

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