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Sunday, November 1, 2009

You are "It"

You are “It”

Last year I was ridding the bus the day just before all hallows eve when I noticed a very peculiar booklet. On the cover was the image of some children n costumes and the devil in the background. The title of this comic strip is the devil’s night .It tells the story of a little Christian girl who hated Halloween. In this story, she tells one of her little friends how the devil tells witches to go out to the streets in Halloween night to steal children for human sacrifice.

She also misinforms her little friend on the origins of this holyday. She tells her friend how the evil pagan priests worshiped Satan in antiquity and stole children for human sacrifice in the night of Samhain, better known nowadays as Halloween. What doesn’t stop to amaze me is, how did those evil pagans worshiped Satan centuries before Christianity emerged? After all, the devil is a Christian invention.

Throughout the years, Christianity has banished many cultures and their religions. To make sure these religions never resurfaced, they took their gods, mutilate their name, and demonize them. This is the ongoing Christian version of name-calling. A perfect example of this is the goddess Ishtaroth. They not only changed her name to Astaroth, but also changed her gender and turned her into a demon.

Just a few weeks ago I had a conversation with a Christian. This person affirms that not only worships the one true god the way he intended. This person claims that pagans, Buddhist, Hindis, Taoist, etc, are consciously worshiping the devil and denying the one true god. But this person did not stopped there, the claim extended t other branches of Judeo-Christian and Abrahamic religions. Lutherans, Baptist, Catholics, Mormons, witnesses of Jehovah, Quakers, Jews, Muslims, Bahai, etc, are also not worshiping the one true god. So although most of them read and worship from the same book, the bible, they do not worship the same god, they are being tricked by the devil.

Name-calling, lies, self-righteousness, self delusion, fanaticism, intolerance, don’t all this values make you want to convert into a good Christian and be saved? Think about it, you could be out there right now saying that Buddha, Krishna, Cernunos, or any other deity other than the Christian god, is really the devil. Just tap that fake god’s shoulder and shout “you are it.”


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