Welcome to our community, the Society of Dracul. We are here to let the churches know Satan is in town and he is not going any- where. We are here to provide an outlet or those who have ex- perienced repression and harassment because of their religious preferences. Check out our community calendar link near the Community Links section. Feel free to visit our group and par- ticipate in our black masses.


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What would Jesus do...for a Klondike Bar?

“You can’t believe everything you read”

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey everyone,

I apologize for June. I have been extremely busy, and was There will probably be no mass in July either. I am having knee surgery and have been preparing for a foreign exchange student's arrival that we are host parenting. If not July, there will be a Dracul event in August.

I have accomplished the initial goals of this group & blog. I have created a Satanic presence in Tucson. The Tucson weekly has referred to this group, and then interviewed me. The churches know this group exists. I have even had the opportunity to be on Damon Foster's variety show, Satanic Views

The Society of Dracul's second anniversary was on June 16, 2010. For year three, new goals, outlining the next step for the Society of Dracul

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