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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Greetings Everyone,

Because of new people that are frequenting the mass I host I am going to add some new features. Some of the original visitors that participated in the masses I host did so for therapeutic reason. Two years later more of the participants are interested is more activities than just the mass. I am going to start some new things

1. Weekly educational call that will discuss

topics that are of interest to other Satanists

That will be every Saturday evening at

6:30 pm. Call in at 559-546-1100 for a life

educational call. If you cannot make the

call, listen to the recorded reply.

2. Once a month there will be a non-mass

event. The first event will be a Bible burn-

ing near a church in January

3. At the beginning of each season and near

Halloween and May Day, following

traditional Satanic Holidays, there will

be a black mass

4. Once a year there will be an annual

to review the past year and what to do for

the next year


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