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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Search of a Historical Satanism

Anton LaVey was not the first person to give credence to Satan. Neither was Aleister Crowley. Historical Satanism existed before the advent of the 20th Century. Forget about Medieval Beliefs about Satanic covens and masses too. Those beliefs are mere urban legends. Historical Satanism started a part of 19th Century Romantic Writers called the Decadents who originally drew inspiration from Gothic novels. The term ‘Decadents was first used as a derisive label, and in the 1880’s a group of French writers embraced it as part of their cultural identity...

The above narrative is the start of an essay that I finished recently that details my research, conclusions, and where I would like to take this community. Click on the title to this post to be taken to read the rest of the essay. Its free. I just wanted to grab readers' attention

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