Welcome to our community, the Society of Dracul. We are here to let the churches know Satan is in town and he is not going any- where. We are here to provide an outlet or those who have ex- perienced repression and harassment because of their religious preferences. Check out our community calendar link near the Community Links section. Feel free to visit our group and par- ticipate in our black masses.


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What would Jesus do...for a Klondike Bar?

“You can’t believe everything you read”

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Next Event

The next event is going to be a serious of workshop on the life and philosophy of Nietzsche called the Nietzsche Workshop. It is scheduled to start within a month. The workshop format will be in the spirit of Nietzsche's feelings about structure and leadership. It will also be an self-paced online workshop with the possibility of an online discussion board. You get as much or as little as you wish out of this series of workshops. Hopefully you use it to the fullest

A definite date will be posted when the workshop is ready to start


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